Annual Report 2017

Five theories on networking

   Theory 1: Customer benefit
dpa is a corporate group with many different services in different sectors and companies. The agency has many strengths. However, we have to be able to constantly organize these strengths in new and innovative ways, without sacrificing our reliability. That is because our customers’ needs develop rapidly – and rarely according to traditional patterns.

   Theory 2: Organizational development
We regard the dpa group as a network of competencies and resources. These have to be made available across the individual sectors. That is why it is important to encourage networked teams that can cross the organization’s boundaries to find the best answers to today’s challenges.

   Theory 3: Personal development
Networking is always defined by the relationships individual people have with each other. Everyone at dpa has their own task. But the creative drive that we need in our dynamic environment only arises through networking with colleagues. We can’t forget: By achieving something together we enrich our personal professional lives in a lasting way.

   Theory 4: New thinking
By networking right across the corporate group we unleash our common strengths, which make our services to our customers even more valuable. To do so we need to think about many things in a new way and do things differently to how they have been done before. We must find new paths, but without losing sight of our most important values: our reliability and our independence.

   Theory 5: Networking with customers and partners
We don’t just create networks within dpa. Open digital interfaces connected to our customers’ and partners’ systems help us to better understand future needs and to make our services successful. dpa as a networked platform is an active factor in the further development of the media industry.