Annual Report 2017

The dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH succeeded again in achieving a good result, despite operating in the highly competitive picture market. At 1.8 million euros it was below the previous year’s result, but that was due to the high one-off costs involved in a comprehensive range of measures to give the company a new sales and technical orientation.  

The photo agency Zentralbild GmbH was able to almost exactly match the previous year's result, with a contribution of 0.1 million euros. With a reported profit of 0.7 million euros, Global Media Services GmbH was unable to match its exceptionally good overall result of the previous year of 1.0 million euros. That’s because a year after the discontinuation of the sales cooperation with epa, the follow-up compensation payments have ended and could not be compensated for with other sales.  

The graphics subsidiary dpa-infografik GmbH was able to keep turnover constant while reducing costs slightly in a still difficult and very cyclical market, so that the result was a slightly higher profit of more than 0.2 million euros.  

Once again, dpa-infocom GmbH was able to keep its total operating performance high at around 9.0 million euros while noticeably reducing costs. This allowed it to achieve an annual profit of a record 1.4 million euros. 

With a slightly higher volume of business, the service companies dpa mediatechnology GmbH, Rufa Broadcasting Agency Services GmbH and dpa English Services GmbH closed the financial year at about the previous year's level.  

The dpa-AFX Wirtschaftsnachrichten GmbH, in which the dpa holds a 76% stake, managed to slightly increase sales in the past year to 4.6 million euros, and thus increase the profit compared to the previous year by 0.1 million euros to 0.5 million euros.  

Although mecom Medien-Communikations-Gesellschaft mbH (50% dpa holding) was able to generate significant growth in sales as planned, in the past financial year it also made substantial replacement and start-up investments, particularly in the area of protected networks and, therefore, a decrease in the annual result was anticipated. However, with a final net income of 0.6 million euros, the decline was less severe than expected.  

In its fifth year of existence, dpa-digital services GmbH (50% dpa stake) has now, as expected, generated a slightly positive result for the first time. The growth in sales was less than expected but with its constant growth it was still a positive development.  

The two holdings in Switzerland, awp Finanznachrichten AG (50% dpa stake) and news aktuell Schweiz AG (20% dpa stake, 30% news aktuell GmbH stake) developed very positively in 2017.  

While the changes in the Swiss financial industry were evident awp, it did nevertheless manage to end the year with a sales growth and a slightly higher profit of 1.7 million Swiss francs.  

By contrast, news aktuell Schweiz AG had to accept a small decline in sales of 0.2 million Swiss francs, but was still able to match the previous year’s final result due to suitable cost savings and once again generated a net profit of 0.4 million Swiss francs.